My heart has a nose

Dreams, like beacons, draw us onward. In our quest to make our dreams a reality, we march and stumble, all in the hope that we might one day feel the dream as something solid in our hands. But a dream is not the magic sword in the stone; dreams are quixotic and ever-changing. So what does it mean to have a dream? How do we learn to follow our dreams, and what do we do if we finally reach them?

Join ex-Bethesda developer Jonah Lobe on a journey of self-exploration. In this talk, Jonah examines his love of character and story, the ways in which that love has evolved and the unexpected directions it’s taken him over the years. Along the way, he’ll touch on art, animation, the evolution of the game industry, the development of such hits as Skyrim and Fallout, the burgeoning world of live-streaming and his decision to leave Bethesda Softworks to – of all things – write a novel. In sharing his experience, Jonah hopes to illustrate how the pursuit of our dreams becomes an exploration of self.

Game Art & Design
Location: Ottawa School of Art Date: April 25, 2016 Time: 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm J. Lobe Jonah Lobe