The Players Journey

There is a lot that has been said about the conflict between narrative and game design. However in this talk Oscar will explore how we can leverage ideas of ‘The Heroes Journey’ to help us understand the metamorphosis that players go through when playing our games. From the initial ‘Call To Adventure’ when they first Discover your game, through the Trials where they Learn how your game suits their needs and lifestyle enough to become something they are truly engaged with.

But being Engaged is only the start of the second Act as they prepare to face the Ultimate Challenge and the inevitable return home (Churning). Rather than thinking of players being a specific type with static needs we aim to demonstrate that players themselves evolve and by responding to those changes we can build longer term, more sustainable experiences. This will be a tall story filled with conflict and adventure and its one which we ask our players to embark on every time we develop a game.

Join This Session To Learn More About:

* Applying the Heroes Journey To The Player Engagement
* Player LifeCycle – Discovery, Learning, Engaging then Churning
* Balancing Rewards and ‘Unfinished Business’
* How The Real-World Affects Engagement
* Creating Persistent Player Narratives

Game Art & Design
Location: Mercury Lounge Date: April 25, 2016 Time: 11:15 am - 12:00 pm O. Clark Pic Oscar Clark