color_profile Paul Winterhalder

Paul Winterhalder is the Chief Development Officer of bitHeads (a 20-year old technology services company based in Ottawa, Canada) and playBrains (its 8-year old gaming spin-off).

At bitHeads, Mr. Winterhalder has architected and managed the development of leading edge server products including brainCloud, bitHeads’ Backend-as-a-Service platform, as well as custom back-end solutions for Trade Nations (Facebook), Simpsons: Tapped Out (iOS), and Cryptologic’s online casino platform.

Mr. Winterhalder is the Executive Producer for playBrains, which specializes in both work-for-hire (Hitman: Sniper for Android, Tiny Brains for PC) and their own gaming products including the critically acclaimed Sideway: New York (PS3 + Steam), Jaws (iPhone/iPad), Eggies (iPhone/iPad + Facebook), and Madballs in…Babo:Invasion (PC/360).

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