L. Blenkhorn Pic Lindsay Blenkhorn

Title: Let’s Make Kids Stuff (Panelist)

In the digital age, video games have often been given the role of idle entertainment and mindless or even violent escape for a demographic of 15-30-something year olds. But games are also important for childhood development, engagement and retention (contrary to popular belief) and there’s a hunger for engaging kids content these days. This Q&A talk will cover what it is to make games for young audiences. A panel of experienced Kids Content creators discuss the unique considerations for creating engaging content for kids.

Some questions we’ll deal with include:

– What are the pitfalls and proud moments?
– Why is it important to make good content for kids?
– Is learning/educational value important and why/how?
– How do you market and publish it?
– How to deal with the tough issues like privacy law?
– Where to get started?


Lindsay is a Senior Producer with Fuel Youth. She brings a highly product focused perspective to each piece of work as she mentors team members and provides a blend of both technical and advertising knowledge in the kids space, for clients such as GEOX, Mattel, Warner Bros. and more. She managed production for all McDonald’s Europe’s digital Happy Meal initiatives at Fuel and most recently, led the production team in the launch of the new DCKids.com, LooneyTunes.com and ScoobyDoo.com.



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