That’s Kid’s Stuff: Creating games for younger audiences

In the digital age, video games have often been given the role of idle entertainment and mindless or even violent escape for a demographic of 15-30-something year olds. But games are also important for childhood development, engagement and retention (contrary to popular belief) and there’s a hunger for engaging kids content these days. This Q&A talk will cover what it is to make games for young audiences. A panel of experienced Kids Content creators discuss the unique considerations for creating engaging content for kids.

Some questions we’ll deal with include:

– What are the pitfalls and proud moments?
– Why is it important to make good content for kids?
– Is learning/educational value important and why/how?
– How do you market and publish it?
– How to deal with the tough issues like privacy law?
– Where to get started?

Business Game Art & Design
Location: Mercury Lounge Date: April 25, 2016 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm T. Phillips Pic Tara Phillips P. Pattison Pic Paul Pattison M. Hand Pic Mark Hand L. Blenkhorn Pic Lindsay Blenkhorn L. Armstrong Pic Lisa Armstrong